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Currently a hot topic in the malaysia social media scene, was a story published about Prime Minister’s comment on how citizens are not grateful when price of spinach comes down. Some brands have managed to ride on the buzz with their own take to the story. Century Battery’s posting is tasteful, yet hitting the nail on the head. Good job guys!

Also not forgetting Open Rice for their posting!

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Michael Bay Meltdown on stage at CES

Michael Bay and his meltdown

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Public speaking isnt for everyone and the amount of time that goes with the planning and preparation before your big 15minutes on stages is something a lot of people dont know of.

I think this will probably trend for a little while on the social media as Michael Bay, big Hollywood director for such great films such as Transformers had a “little” meltdown at CES while pushing Samsung new curved tv.

Have a look at the original article here :  link here 

Michael Bay also wrote about the “incident” on his blog


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Best Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Case ?

Customer Service & Marketing in Malaysia

Yeah…i know this post/review is a little late but you know what? i only managed to find the best Samsung Galaxy Note 2 case just months ago, despite having the phone since its launch. And this review is very relevant to those of you Apple iphone/ipad mini, HTC and Samsung users too as UAG also makes cases for other models

Now let me present to you…the URBAN ARMOR GEAR case! (UAG for short)


Basic packaging ( the casing is tough enough i supposed!)



This is what you get from the case :

1 case. 1 screen protector, 1 cleaning cloth and 2 interchangeable covers

Now, i personally have bought and used at least 3 seperate cases for my samsung galaxy note 2 and all of them had poor workmanship, stain easily and frankly, just too damn bulky. So how does the samsung galaxy note looks with the Urban Armor Gear case ?




After switching to UAG for my samsung…

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